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Strata Cleaning Services

At CSC Cleaning & Sanitising, we know how important it is for your business or commercial premises to remain clean, tidy and reflect your professionalism.

COVID-19 has become a new reality for all businesses, now more than ever it is critical to maintain a clean, hygienic and safe environment for your employees or residents.

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Eco Responsible Cleaning Services

Our team is committed to helping business owners in reducing their impact on our environment. Now more than ever we must prioritise safe, green, environmentally friendly services to preserve and protect our planet. CSC Cleaning & Sanitising believes it is our shared responsibility to contribute positively to our planet through the use of eco-friendly...

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Floor Cleaning Services

The CSC staff is an expert team of professionals fully trained in our use of large-scale industrial strength, floor cleaning equipment.

We offer the full range of floor cleaning services; sweepers, scrubbers and high-pressure washing techniques to thoroughly clean car parks, multi-story buildings, factories, warehouses, industrial sites and high-traffic office and retail sites.

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Commercial Bin Cleaning Services

CSC Cleaning & Sanitising Solutions offers a complete range of commercial bin cleaning services for retailers, shopping complexes, industrial facilities, hospitality, construction and event venues.

We know how important a clean, healthy and safe environment is for your employees and occupants of commercial and residential premises.

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Residential Bin Cleaning Services

CSC has delivered our industry-leading bin management services to residential premises Melbourne-wide for over 13 years.

We have built a reputation as one of the premium providers in Strata, residential and apartment complexes, residential bin management through our reliable, efficient and thorough bin cleaning and sanitisation.

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Domestic Bin Cleaning Services

CSC Cleaning & Sanitising caters to a variety of clients ranging from small to large businesses and also domestic services across Melbourne.

We know how important it is for you to maintain a safe, clean, healthy environment and home. The CSC team comes directly to your residence, completing the messy tasks that you don’t have time for.

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